Life is a Masterpiece in the Making

So i got a chance to attend this Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, signature training program. Though I’ve read the book by Stephen R. Covey, yet I was looking forward to the training. Among other learning outcomes, these two points made me ponder:

What is my life’s mission statement?

They showed us a video of an old man who is celebrating his 80th Birthday. His friends and family are present at the occasion and giving tribute statements. Like his friends complementing how he’s still the same, his daughter Thanking for being a great dad etc. Then the trainer asked us to envision our 80th birthday and whom we’d like to invite and what would we want their tribute statements to be. As the exercise concluded, he asked us to align our day to day actions accordingly. For example, if someone wants his/her offspring to say Thank You for being a great parent, s/he must become one.

Life is a Masterpiece in the making:

They asked us to see this video and start writing whatever comes to mind till the time background music keeps playing.

So this is what I wrote,

“Life is short and we only get one chance, if lived to the fullest, one is enough. If lived properly & purposefully one suffices for many. As a son, as a brother, as a friend, as a lover, as a colleague, as a boss, as a husband, as a father, as a father-in-law and as grandfather, as flag-bearer of a social cause, as a motivator, as a fighter as an inspiration or an utter disappointment. One experiences many roles in one life, or lives many lives in one lifetime, it depends on how you see it, take it.

All roads lead to one destiny; our happy place, where we find solace, peace of mind or whatever else we may choose to name it. We all choose different routes and modes for this common destiny. Some find solace in art, some in sports, some in religion, some in literature, some in travelling, some in music and some might find it in social causes.

Road we take towards the destiny gives us a sense of purpose. A driving force that keeps us going in the right direction. A motivation that keeps us moving. A force that helps us rise back up every-time we fall!

Our life keeps on changing from one role to another, from one place to another, from good times to tough times, so on and so forth. At times we lose hope, at times destiny becomes blur & distant, at times we get confused and question our sense of purpose, at times we no more find solace in what we used to. With times, our passion may as well change. Sometimes we opt for something and sometime opt for other.

As humans we have limitations. Not everyone gets the chance to reach the destiny. Least we could do is keep moving in the direction so when our time comes we can safely claim, see we were on the track!”

I liked the experience, you try and share what you came up with. And remember,

Your life, is a masterpiece in the making! Take a closer look at it, appreciate it, take charge of it and Enjoy for whatever time is left!

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