Regarding the movie, it is actually quite different. Nasir Khan did a good job not joining the masala-bandwagon. Unlikely much as compared to modern day film-making Bachaana offers less of glamour & masala rather focuses on pure entertainment. A beautiful combination of light comedy, romance and action complementing one and other as the story progresses.

Mountain Dew launches three new flavors at Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Music Festival

Mountain Dew Pakistan organized Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Dance Music Festival in Lahore featuring London’s No. 1 Dance and House Club ‘Ministry of Sound’ to launch three exciting new flavors Live Wire, Pitch Black and Blue Shock. The campaign is termed very aptly #DEWmocracy since the brand is giving its fans the right to choose which flavor should become a permanent offering in the Dew portfolio. The high profile event was attended by many top celebrities including Umair Jaswal, Junaid Khan, Bilal Lashari, QB, Cybil Choudry, Ali Xeeshan and many more.

Islamabad has changed FOOD-WAY!

"We had a very set criteria to consider the event a success. If our guests walk out of the festival happy and satisfied, then the event would be considered successful. And after calling for feedback from the people on Facebook, we realized that no amount of sales and support promotions can bring us the love and support that the people have shown. We are all proud Islamabadians today"

ویلنٹائن ڈے منانا حرام ہے

یہ ویلنٹائن ڈے سے اسکا آخری  اور بھیانک ترین  تعارف تھا۔ اب ہر سال وہ چودہ فروری کو ختم دلواتا ہے اور فیس بک، ٹوئیٹر پہ ایمان افروز پوسٹس کے علاوہ پرچے چھپوا کر بانٹتا بھی ہے اور لوگوں کو سمجھاتا پھرتا ہے کہ "ویلنٹائن منانا حرام ہے"

CheezMall – Launch Event

The formal launch of CheezMall took place on 29th January 2016 at Pearl Continent, Lahore. Unlike its competitors, CheezMall does not outsource its payment and delivery system. CheezMall offers Cash on Delivery service on every transaction, which is a breakthrough in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. With the Chinese supplier base of more than 200,000... Continue Reading →

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