Islamabad Hosted 5th Literature Festival

April 2017 has been very happening for Islamabad for different festivals and events occurred simultaneously. Some had culture, some had art, some had  books etc but one festival that had it all was '5th Literature Festival'. Islamabad hosted 5th Literature festival from 14th to 16th April, held in Margalla Hotel, Islamabad. Renowned educationists, poets, writers,... Continue Reading →

طفل تسلیوں سے دل بہل رہا ہے

طفل   تسلیوں    سے   دل    بہل   رہا    ہے آج    کل    سب     ٹھیک    چل    رہا    ہے پرائے     گھر     جو    لگائی     تھی    کل آج   اسی  آگ  سے  اپنا  گھر  جل  رہا  ہے واقعہ   جان  کر... Continue Reading →

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