Shan Foods At It Again!

Its that time of year again when all brands jump on Zaalima bandwagon. Meanwhile every other brand was busy mocking each other’s creativity skills through TV and print ads, Shan played it real smart. Shan, food, biryani, zaalimaIt all started with Nescafe calling chai an old fashioned way to kick-start the day. Tea lovers raised concerns on social media about this. Coke, then made a zaalim entry to the scene saying ‘zaalima, chai nahi coca-cola pila de’ giphy (2).gifChai wars started right there with brands from every corner contributed their two cents to the Zaalima theme. While everyone else was going Zaalmia, Shan went BIRYANI!Zaalima, Shaan Biryani

Shan is known for making ads that pull heart’s strings with a notion ‘food connects us’ like they did in that #khushiyanChakhLo campaign.

While its getting mixed reaction on social media this 3:22 min long new Shan Biryani ad has everything to love. From incorporating localized cultural elements to embracing changing dynamics because of CPEC and how our social system operates. How warm our people are and how they welcome foreigners with open arms. In the end, food does connect us all.Shaan, Zaalima, BiryaniStory revolves around a Chinese couple settled in Lahore. Husband tells her spouse to make friends around and she complaints about cultural differences and all. She then gets the idea to make new friends around but trying local food and gets Shan Biryani Masala from a local store. Tries her luck with biryani and apparently aces it and neighbors loved that. Here’s complete ad video:

Though this ad has given birth to a new banter of ‘Chinese can cook better Biryani than Lahoris‘ I still liked this ad, did you?


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