Peace, Harmony and brotherhood: Relationship Enhancement Drive

Published at: To start with, I must quote Iqbal’s verses from “Shikwa” to make the basis of my idea. Kyun ziyan kaar banoo, sood faramosh rahun Fiqr-e-farda na karun, mehve ghum-e-dosh rahun Naaley bulbul ke sunoo. Aur hama tan gosh rahun Hamnawa mein bhi koi gul hun k khamosh rahun Iqbal said why I should... Continue Reading →

An Open letter to every Pakistani

Originally Published at: While PTI and PML (N) are preparing for dharnas and jalsas, which they refer to as a turning point. I am a bit confused, turning point for what? And whom? Apparently it is to tell a bald man that he is bald. We all know he is bald, so what? Is... Continue Reading →

The Bitter Truth

originally published on 20th Feb 2012 on Baluchistan is burning with hate; love care and respect are only extinguishers I couldn’t resist to these lyrics from Goo Goo Dolls Dolls IRISin pretext of contemptible condition in Baluchistan, the largest province of Pakistan.    And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming Or the moment of... Continue Reading →

Brand Yourself: How to Stand Out

This phenomenon of attributing own-self is referred to as “Personal Branding”. It’s similar to general branding concepts and practices. A brand has a character, personality and charisma. In simple words it is building up and sustaining reputation for something and then people start recognizing and recommending you for that. The key is to live up to what we are known for. There arises a question: how to brand ourselves and why should we?

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