An Open letter to every Pakistani

While PTI and PML (N) are preparing for dharnas and jalsas, which they refer to as a turning point. I am a bit confused, turning point for what? And whom? Apparently it is to tell a bald man that he is bald. We all know he is bald, so what? Is it for Pakistan? Is it for common man? Is it for me? Is it for you? Will it solve all the problems and issues that we face? Will it produce electricity? Will it provide jobs to the unemployed? Will it provide quality education to our children? Will it bring peace in the country? Will it control the inflation and take economy to next level? If so, very good and if not, pardon me; you’re playing with us again!

Leaders will come, address the crowd, and tell us things that we already know. Identify who’s corrupt and whose not and what this government has done and that’s it. The concept seems more like social marketing of their own parties, their ideologies. As far as I know, democracy is ‘doing what everyone wants’. They all have “political agendas”, “political ideologies”and “priorities”. I wish any of them had a “national agenda” a vision and more, an action plan! Instead of telling us our problems, I wish they could tell possible solutions, way forward and shared their vision.

None of our political parties have such plans, all they want is power! If you’re so much sincere and passionate to contribute why do you need power? We can start anything on our own anytime we want. We can build schools, build hospitals, and provide vocational trainings to poor children so they could earn a living (not for political reasons but for humanity).  We can start research centers, we can fund universities we have international contacts that can help getting scholarships for our students and collaborations with international universities and their curriculums. Not for whole nation, least we can start with our own area, constituency.

I request all my countrymen to consider the  suggestions below and our leaders to think about them as well. Our future should be system dependent, not individual dependent. Whoever is elected, we need to be sure that sooner or later, we’ll hit the destination. I wish somehow we could get this included in law and make it a must.

Every candidate must know his/her area/constituency and its problems and submit an action plan/road-map for solutions

Each candidate must share how many hospitals/schools/parks/grounds etc are to be built and renovation required   

Candidates share action plan for security and street crime etc

Candidates share vision/mission for how they will enhance economic activity  in their respective constituencies

These individual plans then constitute a national agenda/plan for the party. And each party must submit a detailed plan/policy book to election commission prior to contesting for elections; this plan must be made public so that in case party/individual fails to deliver people can hold them responsible in court of law.

Interior policy/plan:

Education plan (from how to enhance literacy to research and setting new universities and where etc)

Commerce plan (how they plan to enhance economic activity in the country, promoting entrepreneurship culture in country which itself will tackle the unemployment issue, which industry they will promote and how, foreign investment and access to international markets etc and how they plan to run money and capital markets)

Policy for state-owned Organizations (how they plan to turn PIA, Railway etc profitable, also the plan to deal with sports boards etc)

  • IT Policy
  • Agriculture Policy
  • Domestic system (administration)
  • Plan to deal with corruption
  • Health Policy
  • Security and prevention of street crime
  • Policy to deal with energy crisis
  • Innovation (like alternative energy board etc)
  • Inter-provincial harmony
  • Media/arts policy
  • Tourism policy
  • Cultural policy
  • Foreign policy
  • International relations
  • International trade
  • War on terror
  • Scholarships for students and talent exchange programs

Apart from this, each party must justify the profile of candidate for each portfolio. For example they must nominate someone from education industry’s background/experience for education ministry etc. Also, once a party is elected as government, it shouldn’t indulge in any political activity/campaigning/lobbying.

These steps will not guarantee a prosperous Pakistan in a  day but eventually things will get better. We will see a corruption-free government and a transparent system. Its like a journey and these political parties are drivers. They can choose the lane they want to drive on, but road must be chosen by us, Public.

Pakistan Zindabad

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