Life is a Masterpiece in the Making

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Your life, is a masterpiece in the making! Take a closer look at it, appreciate it, take charge of it and Enjoy for whatever time is left!


علامہ اقبال شاعری والے

iqbal day, allama iqbal

اقبال کی شاعری سے ہمارا پہلا واسطہ تب پڑا جب ایک روز اچانک ہمیں اسمبلی میں 'لب پہ آتی ہے' سنانے کو کہا گیا، چند اشعار آدھے یاد تھے، باقی کے الفاظ آگے پیچھے، بڑی کھچیچیاں چڑھیں کہ اقبال اگر یہ نہ لکھتے تو کیا ہوجاتا۔ – Reshaping Dynamics of Online Shopping; is one of the leading online shopping website carrying the portfolio of over 30,000 products to sell online. Having a potential reach of 14 million customers in Pakistan, this online marketplace is helping businesses to sell products at zero upfront cost. is offering an incredible opportunity for sellers who want to earn without …

Curious Case of Blogging!

Ibn-e-Insha in Urdu ki akhri kitab’ said 'yeh daira-e-Islam hai, pehle ismein shamil krty thay ajkal dakhla mana hai, sirf kharij kertay hain'  Same is the case with blogging. People used to encourage & welcome others to start a blog and now spend lives proving how others are non-bloggers and should be kicked out of ‘blogger’s fraternity’. None of my business though but this tug-war has made blogging-sphere look awkward.