President Zardari, Veena Malik and Pakistan

Today I woke up with a new energy, vision and passion. Woke up with no burden on my head, not any pending national issues, peace all around, everything under control and weather just being super nice, to my amusement when I turned on the heater the flame was as low as it could (due to smooth supply of gas), same happened while taking bath, but who cares if you take bath with chilling water in this freezing weather when you’ve got your “beloved” president back in the country.  Switched the television on to find out its ‘load-shedding hour’ but absolutely felt nothing bad about it and why should I? President’s back! That’s hell of an achievement for whole nation and load shedding is of no importance in comparison to the president.

Moving along with the day, found CNG load shedding and petrol shortage at a nearby petrol pump, but I can understand petrol must have been consumed searching Veena Malik. So I hired a cab to my further amusement the fare was almost double the cost of petrol might have been consumed taking a round trip of whole city. But now that we have democracy prevailing in the country you cannot challenge or question anyone. Reached the destination, while on way we passed 3 check posts, it felt like moving in a war zone. Had to visit a friend’s family member admitted in a government hospital. Ward was “astonishing” you can bet anything if you find hygiene there. But again that’s perfectly alright when our high-ups have to undergo treatment in American hospitals outside the country why should we waste our time and energy in renovating or cleaning up government hospitals.

Anyhow, as the day passed I continued focusing on the fact that there’s no unsolved problem in this country anymore. Everyone seems so contended with the recent developments. President’s back, Veena Malik found, memogate case almost wrapped up, democracy back into business with PM Gillani questioning armed forces. That is just perfect. Quaid-e-Azam, ZAB and BB would be so happy in their graves!

But life doesn’t end here, media/news channels have nothing to talk about, talk shows would become so boring, there would be no interesting trends on twitter and no “cross commenting” on Facebook. And life goes on,  by the way I forgot to mention, husband of our maid passed away due to expired medicines, a friend’s car stolen, fake pir-baba’s continued looting innocents and it goes on, but none of these is of least important when we have solved the most critical issue of all!

Woh leader hai, dharna de ga, jalsa kre ga

Ghareeb phir lutay ga, pitay ga aur maray ga

Respected politicians, media people/reporters/anchors, pls have a look at Pakistan’s poor class who are dying out of hunger, poverty, diseases. May Allah guide us to the right direction.


Originally published on 18th Dec 2011 at

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