Happy Black Blessed Big Friday

Pakistan is a very resilient and responsive society. Regardless of our many differences, Alhamdulillah we are united for controversies. This recent #BlackFriday transformation to Blessed Friday, Big Friday etc. is a reminder of Valentines day’s conversion to Haya Day, Ramadan / Ramazan discussions. No occasion can pass by without us making a ‘yahoodi-sazish’ out of it. As prominent Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib said:

بیٹھے ہیں گھات لگا کے ہم

موقع گزر کے جائے کیوں!

I don’t know why are we like this? Hating on to people just because they don’t follow your political ideology or belong to different ethnic group. May be its in our genes. We never pay attention to the matter at hand. Just see which side our peers are, which perspective people from our cast, creed, sect, city are supporting and blindly join the bandwagon calling everyone else ‘blind supporters’.

#BlackFriday #BlessedFriday #BigFriday

If you ask a random old man sitting outside his house commentating on passing traffic, his first reply would be ‘I don’t have time’. True for everyone else, we never have time for anything yet we come up with all this stuff. Making an issue out of almost anything. Contributing our two cents in everything, because “Satan will stop you from sharing“ and like everything else we’ll not listen Satan here and defeat him, Hola! Making a huge deal out of nothing is actually our thing and we have successfully delivered on many fronts. From Chand Nawab to Aunty Gormint to Abay Gayen Arahi hai hum mein hi na ghus jaye to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s Facebook fiasco to Ejaz Sahab aram se.

Oh wait, there’s something wrong with this part of the world. Just Google Padmavati and you’ll get the idea. To all those sharing Black Fridays’ true history and how Un-Islamic it is to celebrate Black Friday, Valentine’s Day etc need to understand one basic thing. Copying ‘their’ actions is prohibited so even if we start calling Black Friday, Blessed or Big Friday it’s the same thing. So decide one thing if you’re against it, don’t celebrate it but replacing words wont solve the problem. Running campaign against Black Friday online and exploring for best possible sales is called hypocrisy is a much worse thing to do, just FYI!

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