Alibaba Grossed $25.3 Billion on 11.11 Sale

While many in Pakistan still debating on future of E-commerce and banking on ‘curses of internet’ to keep business on the ground level, E-Commerce giant Alibaba is keeping the internet game strong. Alibaba’s Global Shopping Festival on 11th November 2017 is a case study for all the aspiring entrants. Alibaba Group, through its various domains, has developed a worldwide ecosystem for E Commerce and set the bar high for last 18 years. Creating the best virtual marketplace and very rightly claiming ‘Global trade starts here‘.

Alibaba processed over 325,000 orders per second at peak as compared to last year’s 256,000 orders per second. Last year’s 11.11 delivery orders were 657 Million which has risen to 812 Million this year. Numbers speak for themselves, this year’s 11.11 was bigger, better and humongous in every way with Alibaba grossing over $25.3 Billion in total.

Speaking on the occasion, Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said,

“I’ve talked with a lot of brand partners, and all of them recognize the importance of good sales. But more importantly, they know 11.11 isn’t just about sales. It’s about consumer engagement and brand-building,”

Zhang further added,

“Success on 11.11 comes because every participant contributes the best resources, the best products and the best services to customers on that day.”

Dr. Umar Said, Pakistan’s renowned technology advocate, tweeted that Pakistan’s total export for the year are $20 Billion and Alibaba grossed $25.3 Billion in a single day speaks volumes about scope and how tech startups can help boosting the economy.


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