“Electrifying Interactive Motivational Seminar by TCP”

The Career Portal Training Services organised a persuasive interactive motivational seminar entitled “What do you want from the Ocean of Life?” on Sunday, 22nd May at Hotel One, Lahore. The show was conducted by a professional motivational speaker Mr. Ali Shan.


An unusual theme with a combination of motivational speaking and influencing theater has been introduced at this event. It began with a very persuasive speech by the event moderator Mr. Saeed Akhtar Ibrahim which aroused a lot of questions about life, relationships and career in everybody’s mind. The motivational speaker Mr. Ali Shan took the show over by coming up with all the answers. A lot of failure examples were put forward and the audience was then guided about all the techniques to be used to survive and move forward.

Ali Shan conducting Seminar 1
The show went successful as it fulfilled its purpose to make the audience look at their lives from their own perspectives and finding out their potential and believe in it. The speaker inspired and induced the attendees to ecstatically take positive actions in life. Mr. Ali Shan with his beaming personality made such a stirring speech and interactive conversations that triggered everybody’s inner flame and abilities to flourish.

Transforming situations from speeches to theater and then conclusions put forward a great sense of understanding the basic motive of the seminar. The show ended up in an epic way when the audience shouted out motivational slogans and moved out in truly galvanized spirit.

Ali Shan conducting Seminar 3

The Career Portal Training Services has been conducting a number of trainings and life coaching sessions for our generations to cope with the dysfunctional life and explore the unanswered questions giving rise to solutions. TCP is paving a way for the masses to discover their life’s purpose and guiding them for how to tackle all the important perspectives of life and bloom into a well-organized personality.

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