Saeen Ka Green Bhi Saeen

If we’d ask a random, non Asian cricket fan about best possible game of cricket, he’d for sure choose “Pakistan vs. India” on any day. Be it any tournament, any ground or any crowd across the globe, the best ever possible cricket match cum thriller, is when Pakistan and India plays against each other. 

Everything that’s associated with cricket seems to be changed, all the myths, stats, pitch dynamics and what not. Cricket turns into war and ground becomes the battle field, bat and ball become nukes! I don’t know if that’s craze of the game or love for our respective nations, but this one cricket match seems to be the top-priority for millions of people across the border. Cricket is like an injection which makes patriotism flow in our veins and we suddenly start bleeding green and this green keeps us connected, united.

Today, 30th September 2012, Greens will take on blues at Premedasa stadium, Srilanka in super 8 round of World Cup T20. Pakistan has won all the matches so far in this world-cup, India lost to Australia a day before yesterday, also they lost that warm up game against Pakistan. But I guess none of these things matter when both these teams come face to face, Josh takes over hosh, passion takes over technique and situation takes over stats.MissionGreen

Match is scheduled at 7 PM but since 9 Am today, I’ve come across so many FB posts, wall papers, twitter trends and what not. Strange hardly 5% of them talking about “stats” or ground, pitch, weather conditions, in form batsmen etc. and other 95% only praying, wishing and showing passion & love for their team. Height of passion, unity, faith blend with cricket-craze and charged up with patriotism has taken over FB group posts, blog-posts and Twitters Trends, like #MissionGreen #BleedGreen and greenifyed DPs all over social space on both sides, or in Ali Gul Pir’s words “Saeen to Saeen, Saeen ke fans bhi Saeen one can’t decide if it’s all about cricket, I guess it’s beyond that! PakVInd

People calling each other and making plans, inviting others to watch the match together, being nice to other countrymen, sharing pride and fun moments with complete strangers, hugs and high fives, smiling at each other just because both need this wicket at the moment, dancing up with every boundary regardless of age or social status, forgetting all the worries and issues and keeping all the differences aside.

You won’t see any Sindi, Balochi, Punjabi or Pathan today. It’s Pakistan all over Pakistan. It’s all green.  That’s what cricket means for Pakistan. Bringing us all closer, making us united. I wish we all stay like this forever. Let’s take this golden opportunity and capitalize on it.

Let’s all hope and pray that our team performs well, delivers what it is capable of and ends up winning. Let’s bleed green. Since we are a very very jazbati nation when it comes to cricket and that too against India, please let’s be a little realistic and tolerant. Enjoy good cricket, be nice people, have sportsman spirit. Let’s support our team regardless of any other thing, praise them, endorse them, even if they don’t win, we stand by them. Am sure our support means a lot to our team, for they are no others but PAKISTAN, as much as U and I.  Our team is like an army in itself. We have so much armors, we have such options. We could Gulldoze, Ajmalified them, lala-fied them or smash like Nazir & Jamshed, just hope and pray that they don’t Akmal us back =P BleedGreen

We are all Saeens, and our Saeen is Green! Let’s Green it Saeen, Let’s rock, Pakistan, Let’s unite, Let’s win, Let’s “Green Them”, Lets #BleedGreen!!

There are still few hours remaining in the match, I hope and wish, we’d be jubilant by the end of the match as well.

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  1. wow.. ur post is a real reflection of today’s hype. we r united, we r desperately looking forward and tolerant as well, who ever plats well deserves to b the winner. best of luck for Green saeen

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