Amjad Sabri – RIP

I’ll start this by saying Rest in Peace Amjad Sabri. May Allah Grant you highest Ranks in Jannah. Having said that, I don’t say I was your biggest fan or anything like that. I don’t know you personally, haven’t ever met not even remotely connected. Just that, today when I saw your name trending on Twitter . I was shocked to learn about your sad demise. I felt terrible as if a dear one departed that too – shot dead. I can’t imagine what your family, friends and acquaintances would be going through. Thoughts and prayers for them.

All I know is when I entered home from office, my mom told me with teary eyes “see what they did to Amjad Sabri”. She was cursing your murders and praying for your maghfirat. Speaking from religious perspective, passing away in Ramazan is like a desirable death for Muslims.


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I don’t know how big a star, Qawwal or cultural artist you were and it doesn’t even matter now. Stars never die its the human being who departs. Today we mourn that human being who has departed leaving behind the legacy of Sabri Family.  Everywhere on the television and social media people are heart-broken, mourning Amjad Sabri regardless of taste in music or any other affiliation etc. This surely means you were a great human being than a qawwal.

Sadness is in the air, whole nation is in a state of shock and mourning. Today Exactly depicts that verse someone wrote decades ago:

کچھ اس ادا سے بچھڑا کہ رُت ہی بدل گئی

اک شخص سارے شہر کو ویران کرگیا

May Allah give your family patience and ability to bear this loss. May Allah have mercy on us all. May Allah protect us all in this Holy month of Ramazan. Things at Karachi are getting worse again. Lets pray to the Almighty for peace and prosperity in our homeland specially Karachi.

I will end this post with video-link to that beautiful kalam Amjad Sabri recited this very Sehri on Sama Tv. Seems like Allah Almighty has listened to his prayers and granted him what he’s praying for:

Amjad Sabri’s last kalam

Note – Please refrain from posting those raw-blood stained images. Amjad Sabri has always been a smiley jolly person. Seeing him soaked in bllod is extremely disturbing. Also we should have some respect for the slain.


Season 9 of Coke Sutdio featuring Amjad Sabri. The maestro recorded a qawwali alongside Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Coke Studio 9 (set to release soon).

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