EO Karachi Announces its New Board Members

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) global business network’s Karachi Chapter has recently announced the list of its new board members for 2016-2017.

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Nauman Vohra who is currently working at Product Group of Companies is named the new president of EO Karachi Chapter. He will promote business & entrepreneurship in Karachi and act as liaison between Karachi and other EO chapters in capacity of new President of EO.

Nauman Vohra- President EO Karachi said:

“It’s a pleasure being elected as the president of EO Karachi and I look forward to taking our chapter to the next level. It gives me a chance to be around like-minded peers that are focused on innovation and building businesses from scratch.”

Other new board members include, Kashif Merchant – EO Chair, Farooq Javed – Strategic Alliance Chair, Narisa Dharani – Strategic Alliance Chair, Faizan Syed – Learning Chair, Nida Azwer –Learning Chair, Rehan Shahid – Integration Chair, Ahsan Shafiq – Finance, Imtisal Abbasi – Communication Chair, Yasir Shafi – Membership Chair, Mehvish Tapal – Membership, Nabil Jangda –Forum and Mavia Siddiqui – Chapter Administrator.

The new members will begin their transition to office in July when the group attends the EO Global Leadership Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

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