NETFLIX Comes to Pakistan

World’s largest video streaming service, Netflix, on Wednesday night launched in Pakistan. The service is live right now and offers Pakistani consumers three bundles – Basic, Standard and Premium. Irrespective of the bundle you choose, the service will be free for one month. The news caused quite a stir on Pakistan’s social media spectrum. Pakistanis welcomed Netflix with high hopes. It will now be interesting to see how intelligently Netflix operates considering torrent culture in Pakistan.


Netflix made the announcement to enter Pakistan at CES in Las Vegas.

Netflix wants to go global by the end of 2016 Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, Indonesia… 130 new countries (by the end of 2016),” said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Netflix describes itself as “the world’s leading Internet television network with over 69 million members in over 60 countries”. Netflix started operating as an online firm providing DVDs on rental, has become pioneering video streaming service. Netflix has introduced a new dimension to drawing room experience by offering people TV shows and movies through internet on demand.


Netflix in Pakistan will be available on all screens. For streaming videos on TV, it would require a companion device such as an Xbox 360. For other devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, it would stream directly using the web connection.

Al three bundles in Pakistan will give access to same TV shows and movies. The streaming is unlimited in all three. However, the basic bundle doesn’t offer HD quality. It will also limit streaming to only one screen at a time.


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