Musharraf: Handle with Care

Although elections are just around the corner but everything else is just the same as months ago with no electricity, CNG and food etc, yet people and media going all crazy over Musharraf’s case as if his ‘execution’ is the only solution to all our problems.

People have their emotions, respect that, but we need to understand, that as a nation we are going through testing times these days. IN18_MUSHARRAF_1432038f For the first time in history of Pakistan a civilian government has completed its term successfully, handed over to interim government and going for General Elections in anticipation of being succeeded by another civilian democratic setup. Many ‘unseen’ forces however, still are trying to sabotage the effort and postpone the elections for good.

Secondly for the first time in Pakistan and probably in history of world a dictator is being summoned by an independent judiciary and is under house-arrest by civilian forces (opinions may differ).

To many, this might be the victory or even beyond but things aren’t as simple as they look. Especially this Musharraf issue is a very delicate one. It’s not ‘Pakistan Vs. Pak Army’ this case is between Pakistan and an ex-dictator who suspended the law twice, declared emergency, allegedly gave way to all the problems we have these days, jeopardize a 2/3rd majority government and the list goes on.

Nawaz Sharif who could have been his greatest enemy pushing the court for capital punishment came up with a very balanced statement and clarified it’s nothing against the Pak Army but an individual who happens to be a retired general.

Army has been very patient so far, not persuading not taking sides, but our media and social media constantly trying to pretend as if it’s Judiciary against the Army which gives out negative vibes and might persuade army to take notice for its stakes are the highest in this case. img_606X341_1804-m-pakistan-musharraf-arrest-RTXYP0Z

Yes true, no one’s above the law but there are certain protocols that need to be taken care of when you are dealing with an individual of this stature and class. This so called independent media was given birth and nourished in Musharraf’s tenure, give credit where it’s due. Even convicted prisoners have rights which Mr. Musharraf doesn’t seem to have.

In my humble opinion, media and political parties should not butt-in the legal process and give it the wrong meaning and shape; it’s a history in the making and let the judiciary deal with it on merit.

Musharraf is a parcel received with clear warning: handle with care. If this case is mishandled at any level, it might hurt our dream of witnessing Pakistan prosper democratically.

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