A Day in Malala’s Diary


8:00 AM 

“Dear Diary, Its a bright Mangora morning here in Swat Valley; I just had my breakfast and now heading towards school. Last night I saw a strange dream. There was this lamp in middle of a dark jungle. Some people were trying to put it off because it seemed different and brighter, but every time they did, little fractions of flame lit up again, in different colors, lights and styles. I smiled on their nuisance, they couldn’t understand, ‘lights cannot be put off so easily‘.

1:30 PM

School was fun today, I always enjoy studying, I know the importance of education. I pray to Allah Almighty that all the girls in Pakistan get education facility. Strange thing happened today. While I was going back home, an uncle stopped our van, asked for me, when I was identified, he stood there watched me, took out his gun and shot at me. One Bullet passed through my skin and rested somewhere in my skull and other bullet passed out through my neck. I fainted and fell down…. Once I recover from these injuries, I will tell you more about this incident. And be sure, this act of cowardice won’t stop me (I couldn’t write this, I fell unconscious) ‘ 

Dear Readers, I am Malala’s diary. You all know Malala Yousafzai right? That 14 year old girl who stood tall when this great Valley of SWAT was in havoc; she fought with all she had, for her and other girl’s education rights, when female education was banned and schools were being burnt in this valley. The only weapon she had was her diary that became her voice, her identity. She was recognized, acknowledged and awarded both nationally  and internationally for her courage and initiative.

She wasn’t just an ordinary girl; she was a thought, an emblem of resistance or rather conscious and sanity in Pakistan. She had vision, she had potential and self belief that she displayed and expressed quite well, amid all that brutality and inhuman activities going around, she never shattered or stepped back, she held her head high and kept working for the cause until earlier today when she was shot in her head. Can you imagine, a 14 year old, innocent child being shot in her head. I know everyone in Pakistan, infect in whole world is worried and sad about the incident and are praying for her recovery.

Since Malala isn’t around, I want to ask you few simple questions if you’d be nice enough to answer please.

Malala Wounded
Malala Yousafzai in hospital

What was Malala’s crime or sin?                                       

Is this how you treat people with vision in Pakistan?

Who would take her mission forward?

Doesn’t this incidence pose a potential threat for every other girl in Pakistan who stands tall for a cause?

Please pray for Malala. She’s a sweet little child; she’s our daughter, Pakistan’s daughter. And remember, it’s not about Malala alone; it’s about every daughter of Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “A Day in Malala’s Diary

Add yours

  1. What was Malala’s crime or sin?   
    She had the guts to speak up for what was right according to her.

    Is this how you treat people with vision in Pakistan?
    Yes exactly either this or either they are sold to other countries.

    Who would take her mission forward?
    Seeing what became of her who’d even dare to do so ?

    May God bless her & may she recover soon. Amen

  2. salaam. i pray she care hospital .i am sad yes .pakistan all peolpe ask pray ur care
    i am farhan .i am deaf …… u relpy me

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