Step Towards Humanity

first published at Bloggers.
All my respectable frnds, a humble request. we keep on talking about change but do nothing for it! Whenever i come across poor people who are running after a piece of bread just to feed their kids, it brings tears to my eyes. I cant do anything all alone, i can just stir the silent water and pray to Allah for betterment.
just look around, how many people are going jobless and starving in pakistan. they are like us, they are our brothers and sisters and children.
its already been very late, we can’t just sit and watch, else we’ll become just like them roaming around for one bread to feed our childeren.
Whichever city you live in, whatever occupation u are, whatever cast is yours, as long as you are pakistani, its your national duty to do something for it. no rebellion, no political movement, no drama no nothing, just a step towards humanity on individual level.
My proposal is very simple. form groups among your friends, collect money on monthly basis (any amount that u can easily spare say Rs. 50) identify poor/deserving people and arrange food for them. (either contact some local small hotel in area to give them free food and you pay in advance OR provide poors with groceries, whatever suits you)
Next step is help them finding a job or business just to earn a living. Pls remember, if we dont do it for them, no one would do it for us as well.
Remember, “every thing starts with a decision to try”

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