ARY Shukriya Pakistan Campaign

ARY Digital Network has announced ‘Shukriya Pakistan’ campaign, in collaboration with Brand Engage and Sindh Government. Shukriya Pakistan is a humble attempt to thank our homeland which has undoubtedly given us so much.

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Shukriya Pakistan will be a two week-long celebration that will begin from 1st to the 14th of August 2016. The aim is to highlight and celebrate our love and dedication for Pakistan. Founder and President of ARY Digital Network, Mr. Salman Iqbal, signed an MOU with CEO Brand Engage, Mr. Naseem Akhter. Through which both parties will make efforts to decorate major landmarks around the city of Karachi. Including bridges, roundabouts, greenbelts and OOH signage in the theme of Shukriya Pakistan. Additionally the campaign will also comprise of concerts, events, special fireworks and other activities throughout the tenure.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Salman Iqbal – Founder and President of ARY Digital Network said,

“We at ARY have always been at the forefront when it comes to promoting a healthy and positive image of Pakistan. This time around, we wanted to give back to our country and its people, giving them the opportunity to rejoice and take pride in their homeland. A country that has given us so much despite our shortcomings deserves to be appreciated.”

Mr. Naseem Akhter – CEO Brand Engage, said

“It is truly a proud moment for us to celebrate
our country which has been our identity and our home since it came into existence in 1947. We want to create an opportunity to celebrate our rich culture, heritage and independence through this campaign.”

The two week long campaign will invite major advertisers, brands and organizations. Inviting them to come and join hands and collaboratively embark on this journey, to generate positive hype and image of Pakistan. An image that we hope will leave a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of the entire nation this year and for many years to come.

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