Pakistan Fashion Week London Gets support from Movements by Collectibles

Pakistan’s leading luxury watch brand, Movements by Collectibles has announced its support to Pakistan Fashion Week London.

Patron Sponsor for PFW9, Movements by Collectibles has a wide collection chic, trendy and affordable watches. Core Movements is very experienced with resolve to support local talent and industry at forefront.

#Collectibles, #Movements #PFW9

Pakistan Fashion Week will feature the best presentation of Pakistan’s east-west fusion of fashion under a western roof. With over 36 leading and emerging designers presenting their latest collections on the biggest catwalk to date in London, PFW9 promises to excite and captivate a global audience with the creative genius that is Pakistan. The shows have been categorized into three slots and each slot will showcase 12 designers on the ramp.

Mr. Shakeeb  Sattar, Head of Movements Division, Sonraj Group said,

“We are happy to support Pakistan Fashion Week London that will showcase the leading and emerging Pakistani talent and will also make them recognised globally.”

PFW9 is schedule to be held on 4th – 5th June, 2016 in London

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