2015 was termed as year of Lollywood’s revival, with so many hit movies one after the other it proved to be a successful year on box office. 2016 started no differently with Ho Mann Jahan and now the much sought after movie, Bachaana . Movie will be launched on 26th February 2016. There’s much hype about the movie among fans, critics and cinema-goers. Movie trailer has already got appreciation from all around –  here’s the trailer to get you in perspective:

Regarding the movie, it is actually quite different. Nasir Khan did a good job not joining the masala-bandwagon. Unlikely much as compared to modern day film-making Bachaana offers less of glamour & masala rather focuses on pure entertainment. A beautiful combination of light comedy, romance and action complementing one and other as the story progresses.


Bachaana, shot in beautiful locations of Mauritius revolves around 3 main charachters Aalia played by Sanam Saeed, Jahangir played by Adeel Hashmi and Vicky played by Mohib Mirza. Aalia is an Indian girl on trip to Mauritius who runs into Vicky, a Pakistani taxi-driver who lives in Mauritius to support his family back home. Jahangir fills the spot for villain. Story is easy to follow as it revolves around 3-4 characters only. Both Vicky and Aalia’s characters are very close to real life with her questioning everything and Vicky being an average Pakistani wanna-be.

Whole movie is action packed with relevant punch lines that people can relate to. Some of the dialogues are already famous among people like “Larki Hindustani ho ya Pakistani, Larki Larki hoti hai” and “Dhoni ki fan ho ya Afridi ki – she says ‘Afridi ki‘” and many more. As the cast and director has already declared Bachaana as “Bollywood style Pakistani Movie” it has localized elements of Bollywood film-making.

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Bachaana movie’s Premiere was held in Lahore on 23rd February 2016 in Super Cinema, Vogue Towers. Star studded red carpet ceremony with friends & families of cast along with people from print, TV and social media. Here are some glimpses from the evening:

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And here are some of the reviews from people who matter – courtesy Bachaana Official Facebook Page:

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All in all, movie seems a good value for money and has it all to do good on the box office. I wish cast, crew and production all the best for this 🙂

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