Lays #PlantAPack Campaign

Lays Pakistan is on a roller coaster since the start of 2016 and it keeps getting better. From New year GIFs to launch of #YogurtAndHerb with abuzz then video bumper of #CleanAndGreen campaign last weekend featuring Wasim Akram. Lays keep on stirring digital spectrum routinely.

Taking the #CleanAndGreen initiative, video bumper that featured Wasim Akram, further ahead Lays Pakistan has launched #PlantAPack Campaign. It was kick-started from IBA Karachi yesterday 26th Jan 2016.

So this was today’s action by #Lays at #IBA #Karachi #PlantAPack #CleanAndGreen

A video posted by Abrar Qureshi (@abrar.qureshy) on Jan 26, 2016 at 12:57pm PST

Here’s a little glimpse of all the action that #PlantAPack brought in IBA Karachi today and it goes without saying, kudos to Lays team.

#PlantAPack #Lays #CleanAndGreen Lays Chips

#PlantAPack Activity:

This is a simple activity aimed to engage youth and divert their attention towards need of plantation. We all consume oxygen beyond cast and creed so this is one converging point.

  • Band Ambassadors dressed as tree mascots and they showing participants how to #PlantAPack.
  • Planting a pack is inverting a lays pack (Inside out) then filling it with soil and planting a flower/plant, the bags are hence utilized as bases/replacements for flower pots.
  • For each planted pack they are producing 3 pounds of oxygen.
  • The planted packs are displayed on an ECO BOARD (ECO Board is the artificial wall at university where all the planted packs are displayed).

#PlantAPack #CleanAndGreen #Lays Lays Pakistan Lays chips

Action packed on-campus activity made rounds on social media as well. All and sundry
warmly welcomed and appreciated this initiative by Lays Pakistan at large. People were majorly amazed by brilliance of the idea and smooth execution at one of finest institutions of Pakistan. The official hashtag of this campaign #PlantAPack started trending in no time and kept trending for couple of hours. People shared their thoughts about the idea, aspirations from the campaign etc. Here are few screen-shots from Twitter.

People, generally, seemed happy and wished Lays Pakistan well for this amazing campaign and talked about how important and critical plantation and greenery is for Pakistan today. People hoped that scope of this activity will be enhanced to all major cities and institutions of Pakistan.

I personally think, this is a great initiative from Lays Pakistan, kudos to the creative team for coming up with this idea and whoever managed it on ground. Plus, this should set an example for other brands to come forward and payback the society in similar manner – so meanwhile let’s just #PlantAPack for #CleanAndGreen Pakistan.

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